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Peripheral Neuropathy

Say goodbye to the silent struggles and free yourself from pain. We offer expert acupuncture and OBA hypnosis services to help you regain your life, pain-free. 

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Are you suffering from numbness and tingling in your hands or feet?

Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet is a condition called peripheral neuropathy (PN). The main cause of peripheral neuropathy in the United States is due to diabetes. Other causes of PN can include chemotherapy induced, alcoholism, trauma and autoimmune diseases.



Are you like Elliott who had severe pins and needles in his feet making it hard to walk up and down the stairs? Or do you wear shoes or socks one size too big like Mary because her feet were so sensitive to the touch that she couldn't sleep at night from the weight of the sheets? We've heard it all from our patients who come in for neuropathy treatment. The complaints are the same for everyone of them. We had a solution for them. After treatment, Elliott was able to walk up and down the stairs of his condo without an assistive device. Mary could wear the right shoe and sock size again.

If you're suffering from neuropathy pain, we have a solution for you too!

Our treatment plans include Acupuncture, ATP Resonance Bio Therapy™ and Electro-Acupuncture. Whether your treatment needs one, two or all approaches, we've got you covered. Our treatments are safe and very effective. Call today to schedule a consultation with our experienced acupuncturist.

Foot Massage

We are accepting new patients. Call to SCHEDULE TODAY to see if you are the right candidate for our treatment plans. ​ 669-977-0838

Frequently Asked Questions ​

Does Acupuncture hurt and is it safe?

It varies with everyone but most people denies that it hurts. Some have described it like a prickling sensation or a mosquito bite that goes away very quickly. If there is sharp pain or burning sensation that won't go away during or after the needle insertion, please let the Practitioner know so that the needle can be adjusted for your comfort.

The practice of Acupuncture is relatively safe. There is a small risk of bruising or slight bleeding after needle removal but the chances of it occurring are very low . It's similar to getting your blood drawn or getting an injection, but Acupuncture needles are so thin in comparison that the risk of bruising and bleeding is much less.

Does ATP Resonance Bio Therapy™ hurt and is it safe?

No, it does not hurt when you receive ATP Resonance Bio Therapy™ however, you may feel a gentle pulsing or pulling sensation on your skin at the site of where the electrodes are placed. Yes, it is safe! There may be a low risk of skin irritation from the gel of the electrodes as some people may have sensitive skin.

Does Electro-Acupuncture hurt and is it safe?

Typically patients don't feel any pain. If you feel any discomfort, please let the Practitioner know because the frequency of the electrical current might be too strong for you and should be reduced for your comfort level. Electro-Acupuncture is relatively safe. It's similar to a TENS unit.

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