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Hypnosis For Smoking

Say goodbye to the silent struggles and free yourself from pain. We offer expert acupuncture and OBA hypnosis services to help you regain your life, pain-free. 

Call 669-977-0838 to discuss how we can help.

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Experience a breakthrough within the 1st session or YOU DON’T PAY! That’s how well our One Belief Away™ Hypnosis Method works!


Stop Smoking Today with OBA Hypnosis

Are you tired of struggling to breathe freely?
Do you feel burdened by the weight of inactivity?
Are you drained by the high cost of smoking?

It’s time to break free from the chains of smoking and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH with our revolutionary Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program.

Our proven One Belief Away™ Method utilizes subconscious reconditioning to rapidly identify and “delete” limiting beliefs at their core. We get to the root cause of your smoking problem so you can get back to living your life to the fullest.


Our patients have a 93% success rate, a testament to the effectiveness of our program.


Our comprehensive Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program offers a proven path to break free from smoking.

Besides poisoning your health, the average pack of cigarettes costs $10. Smokers also spend 30% more on medical, life & auto insurance. That’s approximately $4,000 a year. Double that if you smoke two packs a day!

Even though many insurance companies do reimburse patients when using Hypnosis as a “stop smoking aid,” they don’t buy your cigarettes so it’s a SMART investment to quit using our program either way.

Join the ranks of our satisfied patients who have successfully quit smoking for good. 
We have a 93% success rate. CALL NOW!

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